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Complete Service Upgrades

At PowerMan Electric of Landisville, Pennsylvania, we want you to have the highest-quality electrical work in your home or office. Therefore, our company offers a variety of service upgrades and packages to keep your building in prime working order.

New Fuse Box - Electric Company

With today's new standards and codes, you need to be sure you have as much power coming in as you do going out. Our professionals eliminate your small, old, hazardous fuse boxes and discontinued items by replacing them with new, safe, and energy-efficient parts up to 200 amps. This new service not only provides a more reliable panel, but it also gives you more space.

Many newer appliances require an additional neutral as well. If your lights blink when the AC or heat turns on, you may have this problem. Many old panels and wiring systems shared neutrals and double-tapped them on the neutral bar. This has become hazardous as well as illegal against the National Electric Code®. Additionally, many old panels have been discontinued because they would not trip off when a surge or strike would happen.
The grounding system has never been safer than it is today. Too many old homes were never bonded and grounded properly. Be sure to have your service inspected and brought up to new codes and standards to prevent future issues.

Contact our electric company to ensure your house is grounded properly with our safe, dependable systems.