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State-of-the-Art Generac Generators

Never be left in the dark with PowerMan Electric of Landisville, Pennsylvania. Our professionals offer dependable Generac backup generators to ensure that power outages don't interrupt your nightly routine. Whether you are looking for a portable system or a fully automatic setup, we have the generator to meet your needs.

Power for All

Generators are the perfect electrical solution to power problems for all clients, including:

• Homeowners
• General Contractors
• Builders
• Investors
• Flippers

• Realtors
• Property Managers

Generator - Generac Generators

Automated Systems

Our automated generator systems take care of everything for your convenience. Perfect for businesses as well as homes, they are sure to make life easier. Depending on how your house is heated and cooled, we install the proper 7-kilowatt to 20-kilowatt Generac generator in your building.

Once installed, the automated generator senses when the power is out and automatically kicks in. Once power is restored, the generator shuts off and utility power resumes. An exercise program runs automatically once a week to ensure the generator is operating properly. After that, the maintenance is similar to a vehicle—simply change the oil and spark plugs, and you're ready to go. We even offer a service contract to keep your generator in perfect condition for years to come.

Manual Systems

A manual system is a great way to save money and still run your essentials. Our technicians install the transfer switch that backs up your circuits. Depending on the size of the generator, we calculate the load that it can handle.

As long as you have someone around the house who is handy at wheeling out the generator and starting it, you'll be set. From that point, it's only a simple flick of the breaker and you are powered back up.

Contact us to upgrade your home or office with high-quality Generac generators to ensure you always have light.